A sweet neighborhood treat

I was up early to watch a disappointing hockey game so thought I would start to catch up on some posts. This will be a quick one since its not really a restaurant but more of a snack place.

My neighborhood is pretty light on venues for my blog, so when The Waffle Bar opened up I was curious. For several months they didn’t actually sell waffles to the public, which seemed unfair since you could see and smell everything just walking by. So you can imagine our excitement when we saw they had opened a retail storefront one Saturday morning as we were walking home from grabbing a coffee.

The menu is limited, so we ordered the waffle with berry fusion ($4.50). The waffle isn’t terribly big but more filling than you would expect. The ‘berry fusion’ is like a chunky jam that goes nicely with the crispy-on-the-outside, soft in the middle. I’m definitely not a waffle expert, but apparently these are Leige-style waffles, not the Belgian ones which are more common around the city. Whatever you call them, they were yummy! A great treat on a fall morning. If you happen to be in the neighborhood it’s worth checking out. And if not, I believe they do sell packages of pre-made waffles at other places around the city. My only criticisms really have nothing to do with the food. The teen working that morning seemed like there were a million places he would rather be, and let’s be honest, for anyone who cooks its pretty clear that 5 bucks is pretty steep. They do sell packages or pre-made waffles at the store for $8.50. That being said, on a lazy Saturday morning, I’ll probably do it again.

The Waffle Bar
281 Scarborough Road (647) 748-9235

Food 4/5 Service 2/5 Value 3/5

Overall Rating 3/5


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