getting caught up….

So it’s been a crazy busy summer and I haven’t had much chance to get out to eat around toronto.  Lots of travel, cottage weekends and backyard bbq’s instead.  I’m not complaining, but am looking forward to getting out for some more great meals this fall.

As I was thinking about where to eat next I realized that I never posted about my dinner earlier this summer at Salt Wine Bar.  According to their website, the are an Iberian/Canadian tapas place. This post will be short and sweet, mostly because the meal was a few months ago and honestly, not that memorable.

Salt is a tapas restaurant in the west end of the city.  The place is really nice, with a trendy, yet cozy vibe.  They had an interesting sounding cocktail list so we started off with those – but they were awful.  Wine is the way to go here for sure!

The charcuterie board was good, although it’s hard to mess that up.  After that it was hit and miss.  The cured fish (can’t remember what the fish was) dish was really tasty, very fresh with a great mix of flavours, but then the calamari, while well cooked, was just a bad combination of different tastes.   We definitely had some good dishes,  but overall nothing was amazing, and it wasn’t really worth a trip across town.  I think if it was in my hood I would likely give it another shot.  But since it’s not, I’ll just move on…

Salt Wine Bar,  225 Ossington Ave.  (416) 533-7258

Food 3/5     Service 4/5     Value 3/5     

Overall Rating 3/5