Pizza Napoletana at Pizzeria Libretto

Monday night a friend and I headed out for a long overdue catch up.  I had heard about Pizzeria Libretto on the Danforth a few months back but couldn’t justify waiting in line for hours for pizza.  Thankfully it seems they have gotten rid of their no-reservations policy and are now up and running on Open Table (a great App if you haven’t checked it out yet).  Unfortunately, our last minute booking meant getting a table for 5:30.  We solved that easily by passing some time with a bottle of wine and some starters.  I should mention, wines are a good mix of Italian and Ontario, and reasonably priced.  They are also all available by the glass, quartino, half-bottle and full-bottle.

Our first dish was a crostini with asparagus, cremini mushroom, pecorino, stracciatella, lemon juice & herbs ($6).  This was a yummy starter, just a few bites of great flavours.  I guess you really can’t go wrong with this dish.

We also decided to share the Rocco’s Salad with brussels sprouts, butternut squash, Pingue prosciutto, heirloom beets, pine nuts, ricotta salata & crispy egg ($11).  With so many yummy ingredients we figured it had to be good.  Our waiter explained that they quickly poach, batter and fry the egg on top so that it should still be runny when you break it open.  It didn’t.  Oh well, still a tasty salad.

For the highlight of the meal, our pizza! Apparently not all pizza’s are created equal, and Pizzeria Libretto prides itself in serving up authentic VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) certified pizza.  You can read all about it on their website, but basically this is real pizza – Naples style.  And it’s very good.   I went with the daily special – wild boar, mozzarella and the green parts of the garlic.  The crust is thin in the middle, but perfectly doughy and crisp around the edges.  But the best part was the cheese, I’m not sure where they get it, but it was really yummy – not your average pizza cheese for sure.   I had to hold back to bring some leftovers home to my husband.

Pizzeria Libretto is a great addition to the Danforth and I will be back.  The restaurant has a  cozy, but trendy feel and would be good for either a casual weeknight meal or a fancy night out.  The staff were really friendly and helpful and most importantly (since we were there at 5:30) didn’t rush us through our meal.

Pizzeria Libretto, 550 Danforth Ave.  (416) 466-0400

Food 5/5     Service 5/5     Value 4/5     

Overall Rating 5/5