HBC and O&B…. yummm

I seem to be falling a little behind on my blog these days.  I’ve been traveling quite a bit so it only seems fitting that when I was briefly home last weekend I was in the mood for some Canadian cuisine.  We had some errands to run downtown and an O&B gift card from christmas so we decided to grab a quick lunch at Bannock.

We started with the Bannock Caesar ($9), which was tasty but nothing special.  The menu is really interesting and we couldn’t really decide what to try, so opted for our usual “order a bunch of stuff and share” plan.  We had to try the Roast Duck Poutine Pizza ($16) just because of how crazy it sounded.  It’s basically poutine with duck meat piled on top of a piece of bannock (check out the wikipedia description here).  This was a pretty fun dish but really not a main course.  I’d suggest getting this as a starter to share with a bunch of people because you really only need a slice, and it’s very rich.

We also ordered a cup of the Homemade Habitant Split Pea soup ($5) which was delicious.  This was a perfect cool weather day treat.  It’s made with smoked ham hocks which really enhances the flavour.  It’s also very filling so I can’t imagine getting a full bowl.

Finally, my favourite dish was the East/West Coast Shrimpwich ($16) made with fresh shrimp from Newfoundland and BC in a light creamy sauce.  I’ll be back for this sandwich, maybe from the take-out side of the restaurant which seems like a great place to pick up lunch on a busy work day.

Overall, I really enjoyed Bannock and would go back.  Canadian cuisine is often hard to describe, let alone make up an entire menu of tasty dishes.  O&B has done a nice job making a cozy little restaurant in the corner of their flagship Bay store.  And, if it’s busy when you get there, they will take your cell number and call you when a table is ready so you can pass the wait time shopping!

Bannock, 401 Bay Street (at Queen)  416-861-6996

Food 4/5     Service 3/5     Value 4/5     

Overall Rating 4/5